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Contact Lenses and Cosmetics: Tips from your Austin, TX Eye Doctor

If you wear contacts there are a few precautions that should be taken when it comes to the use of makeup. Below are a few professional tips for ways to ensure you keep your eyes beautiful and healthy.

Purchasing Makeup

Even before we discuss how to apply makeup, eye care professionals advise you purchase only products that are fragrance and oil free. Further, to prevent peeling and smearing, which could result in bothering your lenses, use waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Finally it's important to replace eye makeup at regular intervals - ideally mascara each month, liners after three months and eye shadows after half a year.

Applying Cosmetics

Always make sure to rinse your hands before inserting your lenses. Apply eye shadow, liner and mascara with care so you won't damage your lenses. Don't apply a brush or liner to the lid inside the lashes and start mascara at the center of the eyelashes instead of the bottom near the lid. Never share makeup with others or apply if your eyes are red or infected.

In addition to taking off cosmetics every day try to be proactive and opt for glasses when dying or treating your hair with any sort of chemical.

Adhering to these guidelines when using eye makeup during contact use can avoid red, itchy or inflamed eyes and damage to lenses.

When your eyes become swollen or infected don't apply makeup. Don't hesitate to contact your eye doctor if you have any redness, pain, or irritation. Our Austin, TX eye doctor can help you with any lens problems that you may be having.

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