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Contact Lenses for the “Hard-to-Fit” Patient in Austin

Thank you for considering McCormick Vision Source as your trusted eye care provider. If you have any questions, need to schedule an eye exam, or want to explore our extensive eyewear collections, our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to assist you.

Are you a resident of Austin? We understand the unique needs and conditions of the area. Our personalized approach ensures that your contact lenses provide clear vision and accommodate your lifestyle.

Expertise in Complex Cases

Our team includes contact lens specialists with expertise in challenging cases. Whether you have corneal irregularities or specific vision needs, we will help you find the right lenses for clear vision and comfort.

If you have one of the following conditions, you may be considered a hard-to-fit contact lens candidate:

  • Dry Eyes
  • Astigmatism
  • Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis (GPC)
  • Keratoconus
  • Pellucid Marginal Degeneration
  • Post-LASIK or other refractive surgery
  • Presbyopia (reduced near vision common in individuals aged 40 and over).
  • Corneal Scarring

Keratoconus Contact Lens Specialist

Keratoconus is a progressive eye disorder that affects the cornea, the transparent front surface of the eye. In individuals with keratoconus, the cornea gradually thins and takes on a more cone-like shape instead of its usual dome shape. This irregular corneal shape can cause blurred and distorted vision, often requiring specialized contact lenses or other treatments to improve vision clarity and comfort.

Keratoconus requires special attention. Our experts are skilled in fitting keratoconus patients with contact lenses that address the unique shape of the cornea. Experience improved vision and comfort with our tailored solutions.

Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Lenses for Keratoconus

Keratoconus requires specialized attention. RGP lenses are a solution. These rigid lenses offer clear vision by reshaping the cornea, providing comfort and improved sight for those with this condition.

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Dry Eyes and Contact Lenses

Dry eyes occur when your eyes don’t produce enough tears or the tears evaporate too quickly, which can result in discomfort, redness, and a gritty sensation in the eyes. When wearing contact lenses, especially in cases of dry eyes, the lenses can exacerbate these symptoms and make lens wear uncomfortable.

Dry eyes can complicate contact lens wear. Our experts can guide you on managing this issue, ensuring your comfort and helping you enjoy clear vision.

Toric Lenses for Astigmatism

Astigmatism is a refractive error caused by an irregular shape of the cornea or lens in the eye. Instead of having a uniform curvature, the cornea or lens has an uneven curvature, which can lead to blurry or distorted vision at both near and far distances.

Say goodbye to blurry vision caused by astigmatism. Toric lenses address this condition, offering both comfort and clear sight.

Bifocal and Multifocal Contact Lenses for Presbyopia

Presbyopia is a normal age-related condition where the eye’s natural lens loses flexibility, making it difficult to focus on close objects. It typically becomes noticeable around age 40 and affects tasks like reading or using a smartphone. Bifocal and multifocal contact lenses help individuals with presbyopia see clearly at different distances without switching between glasses.

Presbyopia doesn’t mean giving up contact lenses. Bifocal and multifocal contacts cater to various vision needs in one lens, making clear vision possible at every distance.

Expert Contact Lens Care

Proper care is essential for any contact lens wearer. Our team will guide you through the practices for inserting, removing, and maintaining your lenses. We’re here to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

Discover the Comfort You Deserve

Dealing with challenging cases doesn’t mean giving up on comfortable vision. Our contact lens specialists at McCormick Vision Source are ready to provide solutions tailored to your needs. Connect with us today for the best care and clearer vision.

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