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Eye Care Services

We are confident that we can provide the eye care you need. Below you'll find a list of some of the key eye care services that our McCormick Vision Source offers. A comprehensive eye exam with one of our optometrists is much more than a vision screening or checking your prescription.

Eye doctor, woman at an eye exam in Austin, TX

Learn more about what problems can be spotted with an eye exam, and what’s involved in a comprehensive exam.

Eye doctor, woman suffering from eye infection in Austin, TX

Our eye doctors have the latest technology and lots of experience with eye infections, and scratched eye.

Pediatric Eye Exam, Eye doctor in Austin, TX

Children grow rapidly in their early years and their vision needs regular eye exams at different ages are so important.

Eye doctor, senior man suffering from macular degeneration in Austin, TX

The earliest symptom of AMD is impaired dark adaptation, which may cause difficulty seeing or driving at night.

Eye doctor, woman blowing a dandelion in Austin, TX

Having allergies can mean more than the sniffling and sneezing that most people associate with it.

Eye doctor, african american man wearing blutech eyeglasses in Austin, TX

Blue light is emitted by many electronic devices, and is a serious threat to eye health.

Eye doctor, little girl at an eye exam in Austin, TX

If your children are like most kids nowadays, they probably spend hours per day viewing a digital screen.

Eye doctor, woman wearing uv protection sunglasses in Austin, TX

Sunglasses make it easier to see on a sunny day and they flatter every look, yet those aren’t the only reasons to wear them.

Eye doctor, senior man suffering from keratoconus in Austin, TX

Our Austin optometrists are experienced and qualified to offer the latest treatment of keratoconus.

Eye doctor, asian man suffering from dry eyes in Austin, TX

Dry eye syndrome (DES or dry eye) is a chronic lack of sufficient lubrication and moisture on the surface of the eye.

Eye doctor, senior man having difficulties reading in Austin, TX

Using cutting-edge technology we are diagnosing and managing, diseases like Glaucoma, & Macular Degeneration.

Eye doctor, eye, lasik surgery, high tech in Austin, TX

LASIK is currently the most popular vision-correcting or "refractive" surgery available.

Eye doctor, baby with her mother in Austin, TX

This service offers early detection of potential eye and vision problems at no cost regardless of income or ability to pay.

Eye doctor, happy senior woman in Austin, TX

With aging comes an increased need for comprehensive eye exams and for high-level, advanced treatment.

Eye doctor, woman at an eye exam in Austin, TX

Learn about the different types of tests and equipment you may experience on a visit to our practice.

Eye Exams Can Diagnose Over 170 Diseases, Eye Doctor in Austin, TX

Eye exams are important not only to keep your eyes healthy and your vision clear, but to make sure there aren’t any diseases.

Your Eye Doctor is the First Line of Defense, Eye Doctor in Austin, TX

Signs and symptoms of diseases may be visible in the eyes because the smallest blood vessels of the body are in your eyes.

Your Eye Doctor is the First Line of Defense, Eye Doctor in Austin, TX

Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is a condition where it is difficult to focus on objects at a distance without affecting objects that are close.