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Usuarios De Lentes De Contacto – Exámenes Oculares en Austin, TX

Appointment For Visual Examination In Austin, TX

Eye exams for contact lens wearers, as well as regular eye examinations, allow the specialist to review in detail the health of his eyes and the quality of his vision. The regular exam, approximately once a year, also allows the specialist to detect any change in your vision before it becomes a serious problem.

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We give the patient the time he deserves to meet and exceed his needs and expectations. Our friendly and bilingual staff works diligently to ensure the satisfaction of the patient. It is a recognized practice and leader in the care of the eyes and vision. Eye and eye exam for contact lenses at McCormick Vision Source, Austin, TX

Complete routine eye exam

Whether you have 20-20 vision or wear glasses or contact lenses, it is important to have a periodic eye exam to keep your eyes and vision in the best possible state. Normally these exams consist of:

  • Ocular tests to determine the refractive error and the graduation.
  • Making "cover tests" to see how both eyes work together.

Adaptation of contact lenses

Contact lenses are medical devices, so you will need a graduation prescription to buy them and your specialist must make sure that the exam you have done to prescribe the use of contact lenses includes the adaptation of the lenses. For the adaptation of contact lenses a consultation and a measurement is required.

The specialist will ask about your lifestyle and preferences. Some contact lenses may be better for athletes with active lifestyles, for example, while others are better suited for people who travel frequently and may occasionally need to sleep with their lenses on. Your specialist will also ask if you prefer to use colored contact lenses or disposable lenses.

 It is important to verify that the lenses are well adapted to the eyes

If you are a contact lens user, it is important to verify that the lenses are well adapted to your eyes and your vision. In addition to an eye exam, the examination in the case of contact lens wearers also includes the adaptation of the lenses. Next we explain what these exams consist of.

Remember, the specialist is your best ally and is the one who knows exactly what your eyes need to be healthy and in perfect condition. Never stop going to a professional when you notice or make changes in your eyes and vision.

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