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Training the Doctors of Tomorrow Today!

McCormick Vision Source is a fully accredited and credentialed facility training the doctors of tomorrow.

What does this mean to our patients?  Our patients benefit from the latest technology and most recent knowledge from the top schools in the nation, all while benefiting from the experience of the doctors that have been seeing patients here in Austin for a combined 50+ years.  Literally the "Best of Both Worlds" in your eye care.

During the course of your examination, part of your eyecare may be provided by an Optometric Intern.  Interns have completed a bachelor's degree and are in the last year of 4 additional years of optometric education.  Interns have been actively seeing patients for 3 years prior to their rotation in our clinic.

All Interns work under the direct supervision of Drs. John & Michael McCormick and associates. Our doctors hold the rank of Adjunct Professor at 3 of the leading Optometry institutions in the country.

Rosenberg School of Optometry          ICO

University of Houston