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WOW! Vision is Here


What is WOWTM vision?

WOW is the experience of putting on your iZon® High Resolution Lenses for the first time.  WOW is High-Definition vision, clearer, sharper, more vivid vision day and night.  WOW is learning that your eyes are different from anyone else's on the planet. WOW is seeing your own ocular iPrintTM for the first time. WOW is realizing that optimal vision is worth the time and effort to see Dr. McCormick. WOW is vision that can change your life.

While other eyeglasses are made for looking, iZon High Resolution Lenses are the first eyeglass lenses made specifically for seeing - seeing with far more sharpness, contrast and clarity than ever before possible. By improving the quality of your vision, you will very likely improve the experiences of your life. So take a minute to ask yourself: "are you looking or seeing?"  What would your life be like if you started seeing the world in High-Definition?

See for yourself the difference between vision correction that's conventional, and WOW.